Pricing and Services

Choose the plan that fits your needs

Monthly Cleans

A cleaning once every four weeks . Perfect for families or homes where trash cans get a lot of use and for homes with immune-compromised family members. Regular maintenance cleanings are important since bacteria from new trash begin multiplying within two weeks.

Starting at $14.95 

+ $10 each additional can

Quarterly Cleans

A cleaning every 12 weeks. Great for small families or single residents that don’t use their trash cans very much, but want regular maintenance cleanings to keep bacteria at bay. 

Starting at $27.95

+ $10 each additional can

One Time Clean

Single Cleaning. Perfect for homes that are being sold and you need to freshen things up.  One-Time cleans are a higher rate. We recommend monthly or quarterly service for cans you regularly use as this will maintain the cleanliness of your can and provide greater health benefits.

Starting at $57.95 

+ $10 each additional can

Rates are per each cleaning at the same address. No Contract. Certain paints and products may not visibly come off even after sanitization due to being adhered to plastic permanently.

What is the best way to clean a dirty, smelly trash can? Without services like clean R cans, you are left having to manually spray and scrub a bacteria-filled or maggot-infested trash can by hand. Manual cleaning usually means using harsh chemicals like bleach and having to empty dirty water into our city storm drains. Our curbside cleaning system is eco-friendly.  We use high heat, green seal certified products, and capture the dirty water. Here in Bryan Texas and College Station Texas you have one of the first trash can cleaning services in America. We have a 100% guarantee you will be satisfied. 

Is time a concern? Consider the time you will have to spend cleaning it yourself and the ridiculous amount of water you will have to use (and pay for). On average it takes 80 gallons of water to manually attempt to clean a trash can.

We are insured, we guarantee results and we follow-up with you to make sure you are pleased. We know, if you hire someone for this dirty job, you want to be treated with respect. We are two sisters, both Veterans, who have servant’s hearts. We genuinely care about you as a customer.

Clean R cans is a veteran-owned and woman-owned and operated trash can cleaning service in Bryan and College Station, Texas. Two sisters, both veterans, started this service in 2014. Let us show you “Clean Smells Good” by allowing us to clean, sanitize and deodorize your trash can and we will keep it clean with our maintenance cleaning options if you want more than a one-time clean.

We also provide power washing and pressure washing services for your home or business.  If you need a driveway cleaning, walkway cleaning, porch or deck cleaning, let us help.