Trash Can Cleaning in America Downloadable e-book

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Filthy Riches – Trash Can Cleaning in America Downloadable e-book


This book was written with you in mind. When you want to learn about something (especially before investing to start a business), you need good information to make a decision.

When Clean R Cans started they were one of the first services in America. They could not find a good resource for information regarding this industry and wanted to help others who may be searching for solid information.

Edwina personally spoke to over 600 people about the trash can cleaning industry prior to writing this book. She has helped hundreds more with her free content on social media and the trash can cleaning youtube channel.

Now you can have your questions answered about what is required to start your own trash can cleaning or bin cleaning business.

Get all that information and more in this downloadable e-book titled Filthy Riches -Trash Can Cleaning in America. Click to Download Now.

6 reviews for Trash Can Cleaning in America Downloadable e-book

  1. Patrick Hallacy

    Before starting Clean Can Now in 2021 I read everything I could my hands on, and there isn’t much! Edwina is the real deal with many years in the industry, so I felt I could trust her advice. Edwina’s ebook was instrumental in convincing me that the business was legit, and I could do it!

    • cleanrcans

      Patrick, Thank you so much! I’m glad a condensed version of the information you were looking for was helpful for you. Congrats on your business and keep it up!

  2. Travis Copron

    Basically charge you 30 dollars to tell you about their success story. It’s a few pages and all the info can be found on the internet. Save urself and ur money

    • cleanrcans

      Travis, I’m so sorry you feel that way. There is definitely far more than our success story in there. In fact, I wrote this when I was still working towards success and what it contains is our origin story along with things you need to know about the industry before you invest the money needed for this type of business. It’s not for everyone and that should be learned before you just attempt it. Would love to chat with you to see if there was something specific you needed answered. You can contact me at 979-703-5554 during regular business hours M-F (central time)

  3. Cj

    A great source of information for the industry!! We read and reread this book. Can’t thank Edwina enough for taking the time and providing this material.

    • cleanrcans

      CJ, That’s so great! Glad it was informative and helpful for your research. Thank you for taking the time to tell me.

  4. Arthur

    I bought this Ebook in 2020 wanting to learn more about the industry. I was so inspired! Fast forward 2 years later i now own my own trash can cleaning business! Thank you Edwina!

    • cleanrcans

      Arthur, It’s been fun seeing you transition into the entrepreneur you are! I’m glad this helped spur your interest and answered questions for you. Keep on cleaning!

  5. Bins 2B Cleaned llc

    I bought this book late I’m my research into the business of cleaning trash cans. I must say if I had bought it earlier it probably would cut my research in half. It did reinforce what I had already learned and gave me more insight into the business. I definitely recommend this book for any body interested in the business.

    • cleanrcans

      Thank you so much for the awesome feedback. I’m really glad it reinforced what you had researched and gave you even more insight. Glad you found us too and wishing you the best!

  6. Logan Day (verified owner)

    This book has been incredibly helpful to me as someone who has been searching for a subject matter expert in this industry. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and Edwina has even personally taken time out of her busy schedule to answer some follow questions I had. I can not recommend this book enough if you are interested in starting a trash bin cleaning business!

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