Trash Can Cleaning Blueprint

This book was written with you in mind. When you want to learn about something (especially before investing to start a business), you need good information to make a decision.

When Clean R Cans started they were one of the first services in America. They could not find a good resource for information regarding this industry and wanted to help others who may be searching for solid information. 

Edwina personally spoke to over 600 people about the trash can cleaning industry. She has also helped hundreds more with her free content shared on social media and the trash can cleaning youtube channel.

Now you can have your questions answered about what is required to start your own trash can cleaning or bin cleaning business.

Get all that information and more in this downloadable e-book titled Filthy Riches – Trash Can Cleaning in America. Click to Download Now. 

With this purchase, you receive an invite to our closed Facebook Group with hundreds of others to collaborate with and learn more from.

“I found your book to be very enlightening. You covered the topic well and touched on all the points an interested prospect would be interested in.”

M. Sutley

“I do not have a business up and running yet. I am in the research stage and found your book very informative. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.”

A. Lefebvre

Edwina has also had articles published on Thrive Global and Veterati. You may check out her blog on the clean R cans website as well. We have also been featured in Empowering Women in Industry.

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