Small Business Saturday, the “middle” child of holiday shopping days

As I write this, Black Friday is in full effect. People are loaded up on left-overs and coffee, and they are hitting up the big box stores. Many of those same people will participate in Cyber Monday a few days later. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping is a lot of fun for many people, and I am thankful to live in a country that has the industry to support great deal days such as these.

Right in the middle of those two big deal days, you will find the “middle child” of the holiday shopping days. That’s right, I said it. The middle child, I know because I am a middle child. Small Business Saturday wasn’t “birthed” until 2010, but, after nearly 10 years, it’s pretty well known. It just doesn’t get all the attention that Black Friday and Cyber Monday get because, well, Black Friday is the oldest and more well-known and Cyber Monday is exciting with it’s flashing lights and electronic gadgets.

But don’t underestimate the middle child of holiday shopping days. It just might be a hidden gem. You may be assuming you know what it’s all about, but if you’ve never really shopped it or gotten to know what it’s about, then how do you know? I encourage you to save some of your energy and money and get to know the small businesses in your community. Find out what they are really about. Not only will they have unique and beautiful services or products, but they will have sales too.

A study in 2018 estimated two out of every three dollars spent with a small business generates 50 cents in additional local business activity. This is when really shopping locally from a locally owned business, not buying from a national corporation with an independent dealer in your town.

Small businesses do more than offer goods and services. Small businesses account for 65% of net new jobs. And small businesses reinvest their profits back into the communities they operate at much higher rates than national corporations.

If you decide to check out Small Business Saturday this year, be sure to share on social media. Use a fun hashtag like #shoplocal or #buylocal.

Most of all, enjoy your holidays and I wish you the best in finding deals no matter what day you shop!

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